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Minnesota Care Tips for Landscape Trees, and Shrubs


All trees and large shrubs should be pruned in the late dormant season before springs arrives. If spring or summer pruning is required avoid doing it during wet periods. Never prune any Oak in the spring or summer to prevent Oak wilt. Remove crossing, rubbing and low hanging branches. For evergreen trees, any branches that touch the ground should be removed as to not promote fungal diseases. Evergreen shrubs should  be pruned at any time after spring growth has matured usually late June for Minnesota. . Hedges should be pruned twice a year: in early spring and again in mid-summer. Always use a sharp cutting tool and wear proper safety gear.


Trees and shrubs require the water to penetrate deeper within the soil than turf. Therefore placing the hose on a slow trickle within the drip line of the canopy is better than using a sprinkler. Watering should be done for 20-60 minutes (depending on the size of your tree) twice a week when you do not receive up to 1″ of rain that week.


Putting a mulch ring around a tree is a great idea and helps it in a number of ways. It reduces moisture loss from the soil, prevents soil compaction, provides a barrier from mower/weed whip damage, and reduces competition for water and nutrients. Avoid mounding of the mulch and contact with the trunk bark. This can cause decay and lead to the decline or death of the tree.

Insects and Diseases

With such a wide variety of tree and shrub species in our landscape, it is best to have an arborist out to look at all of the different aspects. We take a look at each specific situation and create the best approach to managing your trees and shrubs. Treatments are often time- and species-sensitive which need to be applied correctly to be effective.

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