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Fertilizing in Minnesota – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many applications are appropriate for a Minnesota lawn?

Fertilizing Lawns that are older then 35 years need on average 3 pounds of nitrogen per year, which can be accomplished in just 3-4 applications. Lawns that are usually less then 35 years old require 4-5 pounds of nitrogen per year – which should be applied in 4-5 applications. Good results from fertilizing can be achieved with as little as 3 applications per year, however if you want outstanding results, 4-5 applications of fertilizer should be applied each season.

Weed Control

Annual pre-emergent weed control should be scheduled every year for the control of crabgrass and other annual weeds. Crabgrass is controlled by preventing the seeds from growing. As a result, this application needs to be done, on average, no later than May 20 each year. Because broadleaf weeds such as dandelions are not prevented but treated as they emerge, broadleaf weed treatment should be available with each application in case broadleaf weeds appear on the lawn.

2. What type is better liquid or granules?

The fact is your lawn doesn’t know or care what form the fertilizer takes. The only way turf can absorb nitrogen and potassium fertilizer is through the roots. All fertilizers need to be watered to convert it into a solution that will soak into the soil and be absorbed by the roots. Neither liquid nor granule fertilizer activate until watered.

Fertilizer is generally considered of higher quality if it contains slow-release fertilizer. 20% slow release is average, 50% is very good and 75% is usually an outstanding fertilizer source. Slow-release fertilizer is available in liquid and granular forms, and both can be 100% quick release.

3. Do it yourself vs. hiring a professional – can you afford to do it yourself?

When you do it yourself, you will need to pay an upfront cost for fertilizer, and the spreading and weed control equipment. Product recommendations are made by staff who are most often part-time or seasonal garden store employees. Results for your lawn are achieved by the trial-and-error method – keep trying and hope it works! A true professional service will give you value added advice about insect control, turf diseases and watering needs that can only be properly collected on site.


Guarantees are only as good as the service provider. As your service provider, Proturf’s guarantee is solid. Our service call technicians respond to calls within 2 working days. Our service tech has one job — your service call. They specialize in turf problems every day, all season. With 15-20 years of field experience and continuing education, our staff can solve your turf problems.

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