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Irrigation Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Toro, Rain Bird and Hunter heads?

Most manufacturers make heads of equivalent capabilities and price range. There are some features that may not be shared by all head manufacturers such as a built-in check valve, which does not leak when shut off. Another feature may be full 360-degree rotation or adjustable arc from one head. Most other features are available from all manufactures at similar cost. Choosing any of the popular name brands will ensure professional results and long-term serviceability.

How much will this increase my water bill?

Irrigation systems manage water more precisely than garden hose and sprinkler watering because you can choose run days, time duration and skip days when it rains. Once programmed, the controller completes all operations automatically. Frequency and duration can be reduced in the event of water prices climbing too high. If you provided regular water before having an irrigation system installed, you should not see a significant increase in water usage and cost.

Why is there a wide variance in cost between contractors?

Properly installed irrigation systems should keep your lawn uniformly green watering every other day as restricted by most cities. Some contractors will put fewer heads on a zone and/or install less zones and therefore charge less. This deviates from standard design practices and will result in dry spots in prolonged summer periods without rain. Proturf employs sales, installation and service personnel properly trained to get optimum performance from your irrigation system.

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