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Landscape Design FAQs for Minneapolis/St.Paul and the Entire Twin Cities Metro Area

Should you do-it-yourself or hire a professional?

Professional landscape design and installation greatly enhances the value and appearance of your home. According to the National Association of Realtors and Money Magazine, a professionally designed landscape will return 100-200% of the original investment. Conversely poor design and installation also gets noticed. The cost savings can easily be lost in the final results. A professional landscape designer will put the proper plants in the proper spots. They will understand and coordinate the bloom cycle of plants for the entire season. Plants will be chosen for their hardiness and ease of maintenance. And you will get proper drainage and grading, which prevent hidden things that could have adverse effects in years to come.

Can I have a professional design and install myself?

Landscaping provides a first impression when you approach a home or business. Installing a landscape using a professional design will greatly increase your success. There are many facets to landscaping. If you’re not confident in your skills for hardscapes or grading, hire the portions of the plan with which you are not comfortable. If you are confident in your abilities, you can achieve professional results with a good plan.

Does professional landscape require higher maintenance and care?

A good design should take into consideration the maintenance level and care you wish to provide or the annual cost for professional care. Landscapes do not necessarily need expensive care. No matter how good your original design is, it will need some care to maintain its beauty and value. Like all decorating, there are styles and fads with landscaping and plant materials also have limited useful lives. Staying current with pruning, plant replacement and mulch materials will extend the value of your landscape. Proper care will give you the longest life and delay costly replacement of the entire landscape.

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